• white Datsun 240Z in garage viewed from the driver's side
  • white and blue Porsche Chopard driving down busy city street at night viewed from the front
  • purple BMW in dimly lit room viewed from the passenger side
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The Higher Class Life

Our quality is top notch.
When we turn wrenches on your car or tune a vehicle, our minimum standard is perfection.
Any project we take on is performed as if we are working on our own vehicles.
Quality is not an act; it is a habit.

red Chevrolet Corvette badge

What If Chevy Made a Corvette SUV?

What if Chevy actually did make a Corvette SUV? It’s not such a preposterous idea even if there’s no basis for it, and we also

Mercedes-Benz badge

A Little more insight on the RARE 1999 Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG

This is no ordinary Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Although it may look like your typical R129-gen car from the late 1990s, it’s actually rarer than a Pagani

low-profile tire

Low-Profile Tires Are Ruining Modern Cars

Low-profile tires are all the rage these days, and mostly for aesthetics, as automakers want to project “performance” or whatever. But most people, even the

Please make sure to get your suspension done…(Driving a car without suspension)

Please Make sure to get you Suspension done…(Driving a car without suspension)

close-up of dark colored Corvette with illuminated tail lights

Auto Services

We are a full service shop, with a network of specialized professionals to provide every service you and your vehicle may need.

From oil changes, brake services, wheels/tires, and maintenance services, to full engine builds and custom projects; we do it all. No job is considered too small.